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As a specialist market research agency founded in 1986, we are working for many of the world's leading business organisations and market research agencies.

We opened our CATI and Online centre in Berlin in early 2019. There is a high demand in Germany and the UK for quality data collection -- and Berlin is a major centre for the research industry. 

We are where our clients need us to be.

More about us:

Healthcare, Lifesciences and B2B research are our speciality. The key to success in interviewing businesses is skill, knowledge and engagement. This is particularly the case when it comes to interviewing high level respondents.

With our accumulated experience and know-how we are able to advise you on all aspects of Healthcare and B2B research, right from the start. We are always willing to provide advice on sample, questionnaire and fieldwork approach. You are invited to use our expertise to win projects and get the most from your research.

As of 2019, our new branch office Kudos Research & Kudos Health Berlin offers a state of the art CATI centre and online research facility in the trendy Friedrichshain area.

We have the capabilities to run rapid-turnaround projects right through to longer-term and more involved global data collection studies.

Kudos can help you with projects ranging from highly targeted and niche data collection based on small sample sizes right through to annual tracker studies targeting as many as 30,000 customer satisfaction interviews - and everything in between.

Our fieldwork is IQCS and ISO20252 accredited and fully compliant with industry and government codes.

Kudos Research and Kudos Health offer international data collection centralised from their offices in Berlin and London.

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